3653 Weidman Rd. ● Rosebush, Michigan 48878 ● Phone: 989-433-5900 ● Email: grahamsorganics@att.net

Graham's Organics:

Certified Organic Means

● No pesticides or herbicides used on fields
● No Animal by-products fed
● No antibiotics or drugs used or fed
● No growth enhancers or hormones
● No genetically-modified crops fed
● No genetically-modified cattle or chickens
● No irradiation of beef
● No Cloning

Some Products we offer:

● Pastured Poultry
● Pastured Black Angus Beef
● Organic Eggs

Products we're proud to put our
name on


Graham’s Organics Rosebush, MI

Welcome to the Graham's Organics web site.
We at Graham's believe in the importance of healthy food, and make sure that all of our products are healthy and organic. Whether it's organic chicken feed to keep your chicken eggs tasty or sirloin steak from one of our Black Angus cattle, we put in the time required to make each product the best. After all, these products do have our name on them. Everything we make, they're products we're proud to put our names on.


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